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Thin brick is an excellent alternative to face brick that provides nearly all of the benefits at a much lower cost. Thin brick is a lightweight masonry veneer rather than a supporting structure, so you can place it on the outside (or inside) of already constructed buildings. Like regular brick, thin brick is a low maintenance material, providing a beautiful veneer for your building for years to come.

Great for Any Project

Easy to Install

Cost Efficient

An example of thin brick that you can fi
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Interior example of using thin brick fro

Beauty Where You Want It

Perfect for Remodels

Wide Reaching Benefits

Thin brick is far thinner than traditional brick, meaning it can fit in places that normal brick would not, such as back splashes and fireplaces. Thin brick can add style to the outside of a home or warmth to the inside, all while increasing resale value on your property.

Unlike face brick, thin brick can be added a structure that is already completed, which makes it great for remodeling or finishing. It also makes a great project for first time or do-it-yourself homeowners without contracting experience. 

Thin brick, just like face brick, is made with natural materials that are long lasting, and energy efficient. Unlike other materials such as wood or vinyl siding, thin brick requires minimal maintenance, and can last for generations without being replaced, reducing waste.

Thin Brick Benefits
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