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A timeless


Brick is a timeless and beautiful building material. Versatile and durable, brick requires little maintenance and is well equipped to handle whatever the elements can throw at it. Brick is regionally manufactured, which means when you choose brick, you'll be choosing a material that reflects the place you live as much as you do. Create a space that will last for generations with face brick.

 Stable & Sturdy

Multiple Color Options

Low Maintenance

Face brick exterior house on the east co
Grey face brick from Cash Builders.png
An example of face bick offered at Cash

A Generational Investment

Match Your Style

One and Done Design

Brick is a hardy material that withstands the elements very well and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike wood, vinyl, or metal sidings, brick won't lose it's color or acquire dents and scratches. A brick house can stand for generations, making it an investment in the future.

Brick can come in a variety of colors and styles. Because the color is inherent to the material rather than created with a dye or paint, it won't lose it's color over time. You can also get a regional flare when choosing brick, as brick is

manufactured in the region it's used.

Unlike many other building materials, brick requires very little ongoing maintenance. A properly constructed brick house can stand for years after you've left it behind. The timeless nature of brick means you'll get a classic look that will never go out of style.

Face Brick Benefits
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