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Clay brick pavers are an excellent choice for your flooring needs. They're beautiful and timeless, and unlike concrete brick pavers, they never have to be sealed. Clay brick pavers will keep their color through the years and the elements, whereas concrete pavers lose their color over time. When you choose clay brick pavers, you'll have a durable design that will serve you for years to come.

Long Term Benefits

Fast Installation

Durability & Strength

Grey clay brick pavers from Cash Builder
Installing clay brick pavers from Cash B
Clay brick pavers in a circular shape of

An Investment for Generations

Quick Install and Low Maintenance

Long Lasting

Clay brick pavers never lose their beauty. Because their color is inherent to the materials they're made with, rather than an added dye or pigment, they retain their color despite weather and UV light, which means they're remain a beautiful, appreciating factor in your property for generations.

Clay brick pavers can be laid in a wide variety of mild weather conditions, which means you can get it done on your schedule. Once they're in place, maintenance is simple, as any damaged pavers can simply be removed and replaced, without a full scale re-installation process. 

Clay brick pavers are incredibly long lasting. They are slip and skid resistant due to their natural texture, and they can withstand very high levels of loading. Unlike more static materials like asphalt or concrete, clay brick pavers are able to adjust with the ground beneath, which means you don't need to deal with cracking and sealing. 

Clay Brick Benefits
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